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Listen to our team member Shawn Camacho and the passion he brings.  "ARIZONA REAL ESTATE GURU" 15 years in the industry made it through the ups and downs. NEGOTIATING GURU

Senior Loan Originator - NMLS 226015 / AZLO-0914382

Right Start Mortgage, Inc.

Real Estate Investor

Founder, Owner

The Empowered Team LLC License #BR051959000


Do you have a passion for helping and understanding people? Do you have flair and drive?

We're always looking for new talent to help us expand our pool of Executive Client Services. If you have a true passion for helping others live their dreams, we are where you want to be.


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Access to Valley Real Estate +

Access to valley real estate is just the tip of the Arizona flame. Our knowledge extends far beyond just the valley.  Looking to buy or sell outside of Arizona?  We can help.

The Gold Standard

An in depth independent analysis of each parcel of real estate is performed in order to provide you with a current knowledge of your property of interest.

Real Estate Investor and Licensed agent SA641635000Owner at Flip This Quick LLC

Real Estate Guru with Call Realty Licensed SA546351000 

V. Andrews

Founder, Owner, Real Estate Investor AZ Social Realty LLC

Senior Loan Officer People's Mortgage Smart Branch

NMLS#: 183810

Alvino Garcia

President of New Client Acquisitions at AZ Social Realty LLC


We understand your unique needs and tastes

You have a professional relationship with your hair stylist, your doctor maybe even your dentist  – shouldn't you have the same kind of rapport with your Realtor? At AZ Social Realty LLC property investments, we believe you should, and we do everything we can to foster that kind of deep relationship with our clients. By understanding you, what you love and who you want to be, using our investment property services, AZ Social Realty LLC real estate investments makes sure you finally have the home you've always dreamed of.

 Our extensive history in the valley has given us deep connections and insider knowledge and access to over $20 Billion per year. We know which exclusive properties go on the market and when. It's an invaluable service for the discerning customer who wants something which suits their needs more than a 2,500-square-foot tract home.

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Premiere Realtors

We work with seasoned Realtors and Investors.  Our Realtors and Investors work to build long-term relationships and create win-win situations for buyers and sellers.